STAND-Bi® now has 6 NEW COLORS ready for football season! Show your team spirit! • $17.95 each

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STAND-Bi® phone and beverage holder accommodates drinks of numerous sizes and a variety of cell phones.

STAND-Bi can be used in vehicles such as cars, trucks, boats, ATV’s, golf carts, RVs and tractors. With the included 1/4" foam sleeve, STAND-Bi can even be used in larger sized cup holders. Easily insert the spike allowing for STAND-Bi to be used at the beach, campsite, lake shore or anywhere there is sand. The foot can be added to use STAND-Bi on your office desk, kitchen counter, pool deck or other hard surfaces.

STAND-Bi is versatile and can be used in most situations and locations to keep your favorite beverage and phone protected and easily accessible. STAND-Bi is constructed of durable ABS plastic, is dishwasher safe, UV protected and made in the USA. STAND-Bi is trademarked and patent pending. 



Where do you put your cell phone while in the car so it does not slide around or fall in between the seats?
Keep your phone close by in your STAND-Bi®
Fits most vehicle cup holders.



When going to the beach, cell phones are in the sand, laying on beach towels, lost in beach bags and easy to lose. Place STAND-Bi® in the sand and keep your drink and phone next to you and sand-free. Great for use by the campfire & fishing along the lake shore - anywhere there's sand!


Pool Deck, Home and Office

Imagine - no water rings to clean up! A phone and beverage holder for the kitchen counter and your office desk. Also, it's the perfect way to protect your phone on the pool deck, while also keeping your refreshing beverage close by. STAND-Bi® phone and beverage holder features a sturdy foot which can be used on smooth surfaces.


UV Protected, Dishwasher Safe